Teachers of English Program

An English Learners Curriculum for India

In an increasingly globalized world, the need for fluency in English is essential. Yet this need is frequently not addressed by government schools in India — even those that are ostensibly “English medium.” Our curriculum is aimed at addressing this exact problem. 

What Makes STEP's Curriculum Unique?


The curriculum applies Western pedagogy to students’ context as English learners. It uses various social studies topics as a means through which to develop students’ literacy skills in speaking, reading, and writing.


While incorporating this Western approach, the curriculum is designed to be specific to India, including social studies topics that are relevant to students’ lives. This is intended to supplement the existing CBSE instruction.


The curriculum is designed to be straightforward and accessible. It can be taught by anyone who is themselves fluent in English, the idea being that it can be used by motivated individuals who need not have formal teaching degrees.


Anyone who wishes to spread English education to communities they work with can use this curriculum without previous teaching experience. Any NGO, school-based organization/club or other that wishes to receive materials can reach out to us!

Why Partner With Us?

Who Can Partner With Us?

When you partner with us, we provide you with everything you need to launch an English program. Partners of STEP will receive all of the curriculum materials free of charge. This includes video training modules on using the curriculum, a full textbook for all the social studies topics, assessments, student exemplars, and more.

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Students being taught using the STEP curriculum across India

STEP alumni received scholarships at institutions such as Delhi University