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STEP's aim is to help low-income secondary school Indian students develop English fluency to be successful in university and the workforce.

About Us

The STEP (Seekho - Teachers of English Program) team consists of high school students and professional English as an Additional Language (EAL) educators who originally met at AES. We have written and revised this curriculum over six years with support from the US Embassy in India and a published English as an Additional Language (EAL) educator.

This specific STEP curriculum (Last revised July 2020) was designed and belongs to alumni of the Make A Difference Precollege project at the American Embassy School, New Delhi (AES).

Development Team:

Minsung Kim, AES ’16

Arnav Gulati, AES' 18, U.C. Berkeley ’22

Adela Chelminski, AES '16, Sciences Po ’20

Shreyas Rajesh, AES ’18, Williams College ’22

Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa, AES ’20, Columbia University ’24

Trevor Stern, AES ’16, Haverford College ’20

Yeryeon Seo, AES ’19, National University of Singapore ’23

In Young Kim, AES ’19, Yonsei University ’23

Siddhant Vasudevan, AES ’21


under the guidance of

Mary Catherine Frazier, PhD.

Content Contributors:

Yumin Kim, AES ’23

Sabina D'Souza, AES '20, University of Chicago ’24

Soham Prasad, The Shri Ram School ’22
Arav Rajesh, The Shri Ram School ’22

Eedha Kaul, Oberoi International School ’24

Rahil Patel, AES ’21

Anant Vasudevan, AES '18, University of Southern California ’22


means  learn  in hindi

History of the Program

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STEP is attempting to spread the curriculum across India, focusing on NGOs and schools. Contact us to become a partner of the program

STEP at the American Embassy School

  • Curriculum taught by AES high school student volunteer teams to students aged 15-18 from the Vivekanand and Sanjay Camps

  • Over 30 former students received scholarships to study at the honors colleges of Delhi Universities

  • Current students still completing their secondary school education, many excelling in their English examinations

  • Currently over 120 students being taught each semester in collaboration with the Make A Difference program

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